Usps customer service chat

I keep pressing 0 0 as someone instructed, but it does not help It keeps asking to choose option. Entering tracking number and does not connect me to customer service. Here is what you do…you contact the and there will be an option that will ask you if you would like to purchase stamps, select that one and it will transfer you to a live operator.

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Once you do that and you have a HUMAN on the phone, celebrate silently and explain to them what you need and they will either transfer you to the correct department or handle the issue themselves. You will generally have much better luck in talking to someone at the local post office you are really wanting to contact.

I am the sender. The package I shipped to customer was out for delivery since Nov 13, and no status update since then. Here is how to speak to a real person when calling USPS customer service. Dial your zip code. Dial 2. Dial 1. You should finally get connected to a customer representative or be given the choice to continue waiting in line or be called back when your turn is ready.

Only the last step above requires actual voice input. The voice recognition software that USPS uses is awful so dial your answer whenever you can. The first few steps did not work as planned, so start with the part where it says to say package. From there it worked flawlessly…EXCEPT, they did say there would be an hour and 30 minute to an hour and 40 minute wait.

But I WAS in line to speak to an operator. If you have that kind of patience, go for it! If not, I would suggest contacting the receiving post office as others have suggested. What are you trying to accomplish? It may be best to be contacting a local PO, rather than using the number.

Calling that number is my reference for torture! For this particular matter I would call the receiving post office. There is nothing like getting right to the source of the problem.

Thank you guys. This only works if the receiving PO actually answers their phone. I have had luck with some and others not. AND they are super helpful. This is a direct number that will get you a real person, although there is usually a wait: This used to work with USPS. They wised up and now they hang up on you after telling you to go online. Some have stated call local post offices. Hope they have luck there.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

We will get through this together. Updated: March 29, References. If you know which branch to contact for your concerns, however, you can get in touch with the employee you need. If you need to contact USPS about specific shipping questions, call customer service at 1 Alternatively, for website related questions, call tech support at 1 If it's after hours or if calling isn't convenient, you can also email them at "usps technical support mail ps dot cust help dot com.

usps customer service chat

To learn how to request refunds or file a claim, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemic Read morebut we are also encouraged by the stories of our readers finding help through our site.Access the same up-to-date information as our customer care representatives—on your schedule.

Due to limited staffing in our call centers in response to precautions regarding Coronavirus, we are experiencing longer than normal hold times. If this is not an emergency, please try your call again later. If this is a service-related emergency, please stay on the line for the next available representative.

Phone Menu Guide Open the link in a new window. Find UPS Locations.

usps customer service chat

Report Fraud. Ask Our Virtual Assistant a Question. For heavyweight shipments more than lbs or palletized freight: Less than truckload more than lbs : Truckload more than 12, lbs : Air Freight more than lbs : Ocean Freight: Email UPS.

International Customer Service Contacts. Track packages and freight? Handle billing and payments? Get started with UPS? My package does not appear to be moving? My package is damaged? Find answers to more questions in UPS Support.

usps customer service chat

Contact UPS. Need immediate answers to your questions? Ask Our Virtual Assistant.Below are many different ways that have worked to get a human on the phone. While many might not work anymore, you can always try it.

I try to keep up to date with the latest way to get past the automated crap. If you find this article and figure out the most recent way, leave a comment about how you did it. I will see your comment and accept it and update this post with how you got it to work.

We are a team against the ridiculous USPS phone system that want to help other people! Listen and wait for it to speak. Surprisingly, it is actually quite easy to talk to a human on the phone when you call the USPS number.

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I recently shipped an item through the United States Postal Service and the package was lost. To make a long story short, I could not get a real person on the phone to help me with the situation. All I heard were repeated automated messages, which were not helpful.

Then, I decided to try a few things to get a human on the phone since I had already wasted an hour using the automated system.

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If you have a method that is currently working, please post it in the comments so I can test and update this post! You will probably have to wait on hold for some time or request a call-back, but this is currently what seems to be working. I am simply trying to give you options to get around the crappy automated phone service they have so you can talk to a person. Thank you everyone for visiting this page to try and get a human on the phone at USPS.

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It seems like they are constantly updating their system to make it more automated and make it more difficult to get a person on the phone. I hope this helps! And thank you for commenting and keeping me updated when these strategies stop working. It seems like it changes a few times a year, and I try to keep everyone updated on this page. I guess the US Postal Service has changed their automated system and my older method described further below no longer works. It may take awhile for someone to answer when calling I am just trying to help you bypass all the automated crap to get a human on the phone.

And be sure to have your tracking number available when someone does pick up. After you dial the number, the recording will thank you and then ask if you want Spanish para Espanol. Do not speak and do not push any buttons. At this time, push 0 zero. Do not speak and do not push any buttons yet. At this time, push the 0 zero button on your phone. Do not speak into the phone. Push 0 zero again. You might get a message telling you that all of the customer service representatives are busy, but it is better to wait for a real person than to go through their automated system.

Trust me! Here are the steps simplified.

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Check out my free tips to selling online with Craigslist and getting a human on the phone at USPS. My Google Profile: Nick G. Someone answered. I finally got as far as getting put on hold for a representative.USPS can be reached in several ways, like by making call, sending them email, or writing on their website. The customer care center for USPS can be contacted at After dialing the number, you will hear automatic answering machine speaking to you.

Then if you want to talk or to make a complaint to USPS operator, you need to press 0, and the calling system will connect you with the service center. Besides contacting to USPS customer service chat Center, you can also write your complaint through email. The email address at postalone email. By sending them email, you will receive the answer after some hours or a day and more. Everything is based on the operator work.

Most often, if you send them email, you will get the answer for a day and more. Therefore, in order to avoid this case, it is better to make call to them or by coming to USPS office directly.

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In order to access to USPS customer service chat Center, you can also contact them through social media, like Facebook. However, before contacting to USPS, you need to classify your question category. Those are like how you reschedule your delivery, or how you make a claim of your delivery and get refund from USPS. Then after classifying your question, make that to be subject of your email, in order to make USPS officer response fast to your complaint.I guess I do not understand your question.

You want to talk with USPS customer service but not through the customer service phone number? They do not have a non-automated Toll Free number — if they offered it, no one would call the automated number ever. If you are looking for the magic way to get through to talk with a human, here is the steps to do so from the toll free number:. If that does not work, I will check with my local post office and ask them to look up the tracking number - they see what we do not.

They respond to amazon issues - even fbm amazon issues very well - and will put a tracer on a package right off… Package always shows up. I did, back in or so, have an issue with a nut job at our local post office who threatened us - told us we were not allowed to ship with the USPS because we had a couple of packages with prepaid postage labels that were mailed the day before the date on the package … I was given the number of the Hub and worked it out with a supervisor - we did not press the issue, but he backed off - turned out his wife had left him and taken their five children and he was going postal….

I kept that number as back up for a long time - then the center was closed when USPS did a re-arrange a few years ago. I asked a similar question 2 years ago and someone gave a phone number that skips the automated process. In the past I was able to search my forum post to get the number again but I cant find an option to search my posts. The answer you selected as correct is on page 2.

Thank you very much. I was still able to find this post a few months ago. The number isdirect line to USPS customer service live person.

Google is useless. Back in Google was useful. Google Search is the new Yahoo Search. General Selling Questions. Not the number with automated system.

Google is your friend 1 If you are looking for the magic way to get through to talk with a human, here is the steps to do so from the toll free number: Call or ASK-USPS When prompted, Press 0 Wait for the automated operator to start speaking, press 0 again Wait for the attendant to speak again, and keep repeating this process pressing 0 until you are directed to a representative. We usually never call the Customer Service number. Prefer dealing directly with our PO or the buyer PO for assistance.

Post Office And with the invention and introduction of new technologies, phone line now is not the only way to get in touch with the customer service. Your choice should mostly depend on the urgency of your question. In case you decide to use online form your inquiry might be reviewed in days depending on the workload of the contact center.

You might get your answers faster if you call USPS customer service on So what do you do now? It would help you save money on charges. Operating from Monday till Saturday, and being pretty hard to get in touch with, USPS Customer Service remains the part of the carrier company responsible for dealing with your delivery issues.

That is why if you want the problem to get at least closer to being solved, it is crucial to contact them in any way possible. Please wait Tracking Info is Loading Other articles What to do if usps delivery time was overdued? Why does my usps tracking number not work?

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What is USPS? How to track USPS package? Does USPS deliver on weekends?


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